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Are subtitles necessary in a world where everyone speaks English?


This is a commonly held belief, but the truth is that only about one-third of the world’s population speaks English. Aside from that, subtitles aid comprehension. This is perhaps why, as a recent study revealed, the vast majority of users choose to activate subtitles even if the original video is in the mother tongue. So, for your video content to have the widest possible reach, subtitles are the answer.

Why hire a professional subtitler when automated transcription and translation services exist?


Automatic transcription systems are not failsafe. The resulting transcription is likely to contain errors. Those errors could create serious misunderstandings that damage your image or the reputation of your company. Without human intervention, speech recognition technology simply transcribes what is said, without taking into account the kinds of adaptations required to make the text more understandable, especially when translated into another language. Automatically generated subtitles (like those of the service YouTube provides) are not recognised by search engines for SEO purposes, whereas professional human subtitling is. So, human subtitling is your best bet to make your video content searchable, truly accessible, informative and professional.

How long does it take to subtitle a video?


How long the subtitling process takes depends on factors such as the amount of speech, the complexity of the topic and the style of the dialogue, which may or may not contain cultural nuances, puns, or jokes that are difficult to adapt to the target language or country. As a rule of thumb, five minutes of video takes about 1 hour to subtitle. This means that subtitling a 90-minute film could take around 18 hours.

What are the advantages of subtitling?


Subtitling does not interfere with the original sound of the video; it retains the original voices of the speakers, which makes for a more appealing experience. It’s also a very quick and cost-effective process. What’s more, it makes content accessible to viewers with hearing difficulties.

What does subtitling entail?


Creators of original content are usually able to provide the original script so that the subtitler can translate the text. When there is no transcription, the subtitler has to transcribe the original content first, before translating it. Then, using special subtitling software, the individual subtitles are synchronised using timecodes so that they match exactly the timing of the original sound. After translation, the subtitles file (in .srt, .sbv, or similar format) are saved and associated with the original video so that the viewer can follow the transcribed or translated subtitles in sync with the sound.

How much does subtitling a video cost?


Subtitling work is generally charged per video minute. Please contact me if you would like a quote for the subtitling of your video. I will respond within 24 hours.