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Good video content is gaining traction all the time. That’s why so many companies now use this type of content as part of their marketing strategy .



of videos with subtitles are viewed to the end?


of Facebook videos are viewed without sound?


of the world's population have hearing difficulties?

Discover how a professional subtitling service can optimise your video content and significantly increase your bottom line. You’ll get more views, larger audiences and reach more customers.

Broader Reach

By publishing audiovisual content without subtitles you are neglecting millions of potential customers:


People who cannot hear

Globally, there are more than 400 million people with some form of hearing impairment. Subtitling gives these people access to a range of content that they would otherwise not be able to understand.


People who prefer the sound off

Most people watch videos on their mobile devices. And recent studies show that about 80% of consumers prefer to watch videos without sound.


People who do not speak your language

More than two-thirds of the world's population do not speak English. That's why subtitling is essential if you want your video content to be accessible to an international audience.

Return on investment.

Creating audiovisual content requires an investment of time and money. If they have a choice, most consumers prefer watching a video over reading written content. Recent studies show that subtitled videos generate more engagement, more favourable reactions and more shares on social media. This means that subtitles broaden the reach of your content, increase the likelihood of conversion, and give a quicker return on your marketing and advertising investment.


Video content is a great way to optimize your website for search engines. Web pages with videos make visitors spend more time on the site, and this fact alone tells search engines that your content is of interest to users. Accessibility is one of the factors that results in web pages being ranked higher by search engines. Google favours content that all users can access, even if they are colour blind or have a hearing or visual impairment. When you include video content on your website, remember to have it subtitled so that you improve your SEO ranking.


My name is Maria Marques. I am a technical translator and proofreader. I specialise in audiovisual translation. ART, my company, is where I put my skills at the service of companies, private clients and the media so that they get the best possible results from their video content.

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Making content accessible ensures that everyone can experience audiovisual content easily whenever and however they want.

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Content on digital platforms as well as national TV channels, film series and documentaries are more in demand than ever before. The digital revolution is here to stay.

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Corporate subtitling

Make your digital content more accessible to clients, suppliers and business partners. Use subtitling to help grow your business.

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"Joaquina Marques is a very competent translator, whose work shows quality and respects deadlines. Cristbet trust her work and that’s the reason for working with us so frequently."

Cristina Bettencourt CEO and Founder


"Maria Joaquina is a competent, committed and impeccably reliable professional, whose willingness to work is matched only by her consistent ability to meet agreed deadlines."

Elisabete Pinto

Cinemágica, Lda.

"Maria Marques is a thorough translator, delivering translations of high quality in a timely manner. I warmly recommend her."

Pernilla Abrahamsson

Plint AB