About Me

My name is Maria Marques. I am a technical translator and proofreader. I specialise in audiovisual translation.

My passion for audiovisual translation emerged early enough to complement my Bachelor degree in Modern Languages and Literatures in the form of a post graduate course in Subtitling.

Once I had completed my studies, I began my career in 2006, combining my technical translation skills with regular work for subtitling companies and TV entertainment channels.

Now, over a decade later, I spend my time helping Portuguese and international clients to convey their message in Portuguese in line with best practice applicable to the type of content, and with the solid guarantee of well chosen translations and linguistic accuracy.

ART | Maria Joaquina Marques

What is ART?

ART – Audiovisuals, Revisions, Translations is a brand developed in the field of translation that seeks to satisfy all the needs of customers in the audiovisual, technical and business sectors.

Whether you have a video to be subtitled, an article to be reviewed or a CV to be translated, you can count on the technical knowledge for the work to be consistent and accurate, always respecting delivery deadlines.

The use of subtitling software and CAT tools, as well as in-depth research, are essential in the execution of the services provided in the area of ​​audiovisual translation, in the area of ​​revision and in the area of ​​technical translation.


Since 2006, I have had done subtitling translation work on a wide range of themes and in a variety of formats. Documentaries, comedy shows, police series and cooking shows, subtitling all form part of my extensive experience and portfolio.

I work with special subtitling software programs to ensure a final product of impeccable quality. The software enables line-by-line transcription of speech, the translations, quality control and timecoded synchronisation. Mastery of these systems results in the subtitles appearing at precisely the right time, ensuring the viewer can follow every bit of the plot closely.

Practical expertise aside, my in-depth knowledge of the languages and cultures of the original videos enables me to convey with finesse the more challenging aspects of this work such as cultural nuances, puns, jokes and even explicit expressions.

Technical Translation and Revision.

I mainly translate technical manuals, articles, press releases and CVs from English and Spanish into my native language, European Portuguese. I revise texts (including subtitles) in European Portuguese.

During the last decade, I have encountered texts emanating from the areas of construction, engineering, health, textiles and publishing.